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Jivanti (Leptadenia recticulate) , facts , Origin , Medicinal Uses

Latin Name / Common name: Leptadenia reticulate 
Rasa: Madhura 
Guna: Laghu, Snigdha 

Virya: Shita

Vipaka: Madhura 

Doshic Action: Vata Pitta pacifying - Tridoshic

Facts about Jivanti :- Jivanti is a nutritive herb that promotes the strengthening and formation of tissues. It is 

smoothening to the GI tract and can be used in the treatment of constipation and colitis. It

is an expectorant in disorders of the respiratory tract caused by vata and pitta producing

inflammation and stagnation as in bronchitis. Jivanti is considered a heart tonic and is 

used to treat eye conditions.Jivanti like many of the herbs listed in this group is pacifying to 

vata and pitta and promotes the nutritive properties of kapha. It like the herbs mentioned 

before it has an affinity withshukra dhatu promoting and strengthening sperm formation. 

Thus it promotes strong Ojas establishing immune function. Its action on the respiratory 

system helps to maintain the proper function of the lungs enabling the uptake of vital prana 

across the wall of the alveoli supporting the flow of prana in the body.

Medicinal uses of Jivanti :-

Jivanti is used for application as an ointment in allergy due to Pitta.

Jivanti soothes the digestive system and is used in constipation and colitis.

Jivanti is a cardio tonic and cures bleeding disorders. It is also used in bronchitis as an


Jivanti is an aphrodisiac and improves seminal quality through its specific action on the 

reproductive organs.

Jivanti is also used in spermatorrhoea.
Since Jivanti is a diuretic, it is used in dysuria, burning micturition and pyuria
. Jivanti also benefits in fever, burning, pthisis and also in defective eyesight

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