Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Care for Hair..

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Morning is always beautiful.. But it is scary too whenever you see some Hairs on your pillow. This is very common problem for all but the fact is we ignore this problem most of the time. Hairs are one of  the most important factor for your look. so my suggestion is never ever ignore this!!! 
This week I am going to tell You about the Herbs which have beneficiary qualities for hair growth.


Ginseng, in fact, is one of the eleven species of slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots, that is part of the Panax family of the Araliaceae. Ginseng can only be found in certain parts of the world such as the Northern Hemisphere, in North America and in Eastern Asia (mostly Korea, Northern China (Manchuria), and Eastern Siberia) in cool climates.

The ginseng benefits for hair growth is an exciting part of the research being done using this well-known herb. In Osaka, Japan, there was a study that suggested that the Ginsenoside Ro carbohydrate was shown to help fight androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as balding, in men. It is thought that this could have widespread cosmetic implications and lead to future drug development for the prevention and regrowth of hair in men with natural herbal ginseng remedies. using Ginseng for hair are better hair growth, less hair loss, and cancer prevention. Many people believe that this rooty herb can stimulate a person’s scalp and help grow hair. Studies show that it has the potential to make people feel less stressed when taken internally, sometimes leading to less hair loss. In addition, lessening the chances of getting a cancer can help a person avoid chemotherapy, which often results in severe or complete hair loss. While ginseng has the potential to be helpful to the human body, care must be taken because it has mild to severe side effects on some people.
Using ginseng for hair conditioning is sometimes believed to lead to better hair growth. Ginseng is commonly found in shampoos and conditioners because of its stimulating benefits. A ginseng Shampoo label might have descriptions like “calming” and “for stressed hair” to sell the product.

Not on ly for hair Ginseng is also useful for skin too. Drinking ginseng tea is good for refining and rehydrating the skin effectively. It is also thought to promote skin cell regeneration by increasing oxygenation to skin cells. It also has the effect of boosting blood circulation as well as detoxifying the blood, which is very important to human skin health. Free of toxins, the skin can gain a better complexion and therefore better look.

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